My name is Kristopher J. Patten. I’m a scientist by trade and a writer by choice. Actually, that’s not quite true; writing isn’t a choice. I have had the compulsion – the physical need – to write since at least the age of 7. Writing seems to be such an inherent drive to me that, oftentimes, I’ll only feel truly at ease when I’ve exercised the demons of narrative through my pen. Or, you know, keyboard. Pen sounds better. Those first stories were mostly run-on sentences and dream-fulfillment fantasies of my desire for a fourth Indiana Jones movie (let’s not talk about the actual fourth movie). Since that beginning, I’ve been continuously refining my skill for 20 years.

While my literary prowess has evolved considerably, my tastes have not. At heart, I’m still the young boy enthralled by the adventures of the whip-wielding archaeologist, excited by the prospect of traveling to the distant worlds of Tatooine, Vulcan, and Arrakis, morbidly fascinated by the idea of a heart that beats from under the floorboards, and whose curiosity – like a tongue probing an infected tooth – won’t stop investigating the mysteries in the dark. The genres in which I find myself writing most often are horror and science fiction. Stories of those types can be found by clicking the category links at the top of the page. In respect to those genres, one does not necessarily preclude the other, of course, so there is a fair amount of crossover between the two. I also write far beyond those sort of broad definitions – ranging from smoky noir detective stories to crude black comedy. Stories of these type are collected under the category of “Genre-Free Fiction”. If you’re a new reader, please allow me to direct to a few of my personal favorites:

Silver Palms Motel is a horror story about a man’s past and his inability to escape it, as well as the dangers inherent in road trips.

The President is a light-hearted tale of one man’s new job as White House Press Secretary.

The Alain Bontemps series follows a bodyguard’s search for answers to questions he finds in an old journal. It is part of the Alan Goodtime series written by myself and several other authors.

The Stand at Fort Black Kettle is a story inspired by a wonderful work of art (I’m currently attempting to contact the artist so I can reproduce it here) that I might turn into a longer story. You know, someday.

Birk-Verge Syndrome is a science fiction tale about the aftermath of war and the use of unethical weapons.

The USS Eldridge and it’s three follow-up stories focus on the US Navy’s Project Rainbow.

Finally, The Siren of the Sound is a noir account of one dreary night in the life a Seattle detective and his partner.

If it’s not your first time here, check out new posts under Fresh Ink to the right or try a random post.

Thank you for reading!



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