Entire Crew Missing From Gulf Fishing Boat

I recently posted an account of a disturbing video I found in my aunt’s Dropbox folder. The picture painted by the video is drastically different from what the oil company put out officially, so I tried to follow up on that by sending some emails out to corporate representatives. I received nothing but form letters advising me to make an appointment with a grief counselor on the company’s dime. Luckily, my grandfather had written down part of the username from the Dropbox modification notice when he thought he was being hacked. It was the lone .edu address in a sea of company and gmail addresses, which struck me as odd. I tried contacting the owner of the account about a month ago when I first saw the video. Last night, I got a reply. This is the email in its entirety:

From: XXXXX@tamucc.edu To: XXXXX@robertlangstudios.com Subject: Your Aunt Sylvia

David, I’ve seen those same video entries and I can’t get them out of my head. I was friendly with your aunt, but we hadn’t seen each other for a good amount of time. I can only imagine what you’re going through as her family member. To answer your question, I don’t think anyone from the company has seen those files.

I have to be completely honest with you; I wasn’t going to contact you. The images were to disturbing and I figured it best for both of us if we tried to forget what we saw. About a week ago I came across this in the local paper:

Entire Crew Missing from Gulf Fishing Boat

Coast Guard authorities were notified Tuesday afternoon that a fishing boat was adrift and listing greatly to one side. When the Coast Guard boarded the Sweet Reefer, they were shocked to find the top deck covered in human blood. None of the twelve males listed in the ship’s manifest were found on the boat, though the body of a young woman was found propped up in a sitting position belowdecks. Authorities have not released the identity of the woman. When questioned about the fate of the 12 man crew, Captain Creech of the US Coast Guard said there was not enough information at this time to make a statement, but did not rule out the possibility of “drug smuggling or drug-related piracy” and placed the MARSEC level for Corpus Christi sector at 2.

Then, yesterday morning, they identified the woman from the boat. Lisa Reed. She worked on the oil derrick with Sylvia.

I immediately sent a reply, telling him I didn’t understand why that was important. At best, all I can come up with is that a body turning up that hadn’t been burned would force the company to investigate the explosion on the platform further and possibly find the truth.


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