Soyuz 12

I’m 27 and I’ve blacked out at least once a year for the last 22 years. Until last year, nothing would happen during my blackouts. I wouldn’t see or hear anything, I would just wake up near wherever I was, make sure I felt good (which I always did), and go about my day. A few months ago, though, I woke up on my bathroom floor. I had been at my desk writing a blog post. Then, just last week, I woke up out on the street when I had been watching television in my bed. Needless to say, I started to get worried.

Yesterday, I had another blackout. I woke up at my kitchen table, where I had been, but I was holding a pen. In front of me, where my breakfast should have been, was a yellow legal sheet filled with symbols. It took me a few minutes to realize they were actually Cyrillic letters. I booted up my computer and spent the entire day trying to translate the message. This morning, I finished:

I am Akila Yemelin, Senior Lieutenant of the Soviet Air Force and lead Cosmonaut aboard the Soyuz 12 space capsule. My copilot and I left Earth on August 1, 1972 to investigate a large solar flare. We were taking our electronic instruments outside the protective craft when I saw a bright flash. I seem to be falling in and out of consciousness and have only awakened when no one is around. This place does not seem to be a hospital or any facility at Baikonur. Please contact my wife and superiors to let them know I am unharmed.


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