The first day, I found a finger.

The first day, I found a finger in my desk. I say it calmly now because it was the first in a string of incrementally more traumatizing events, but it was terrifying at the time. I opened the small side drawer for a pen and, resting in the sloped tray, was a cylindrical wad of bloody napkins. My first thought was that I had a bloody nose in the night and, still asleep, stuffed the garbage in my desk. Then I found the finger.

I don’t know why, but I didn’t call the police. It seemed like a bad idea. Like things would get worse if I tried to get help. I slipped the digit into a mess of other trash and tucked out onto my neighbor’s can.

The next day, in the same place, two fingers. A week later, a tongue was nailed on the inside of my office door. I couldn’t wash the blood away. It had seeped into the grain of the wood.

At the end of the day, I found my drivers side window had been smashed. This incident I reported to the police but, when I traced dripping blood to an inhumanely removed heart in my glove box, I drove away before they arrived.

Yesterday was the worst. A severed head sat oozing on my kitchen counter when I woke up. I saw the cut marks where the tongue was removed. The eyes had been gouged out, and not meticulously; bits of white flesh and clear jelly littered the empty holes. The fluid slowly leaking across my countertops, filling the grout like a gridwork of tiny aqueducts, wasn’t just blood. The translucent yellowish liquid had to be cerebral spinal fluid, the pale bits part of brain. It seemed the cortex had been destroyed inside the head and left to run out, similar to Egyptian burial practices.

Despite the savage condition of the head, my heart skipped a beat for a different reason. I recognized the face. It was missing the scar on the right cheekbone, but it was definitely my face.

A hastily scrawled letter was attached to my wall with a large kitchen knife.

“Director Eisen,

Isn’t it enough that our food is all GMO? Do we need to join it?

Stop human genetic testing at once. We can make more with your own cloning technology. The next one goes into production today at 3 PM unless you call a press conference to address the shut down of your GM facilities.”

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